NAT Integration for ISP’s, WISP and Mobile Networks

FlashStart Cloud technology wants all users to enjoy a positive internet experience free from things considered offensive, illegal, dangerous or leaving you vulnerable to time-wasting.

The Challenge
Within the context of the service provider industry this creates specific challenges when Network Address Translation (NAT) gateways are deployed.
NAT gateways provide an efficient way for Service Providers to manage the IP addressing of the large number of devices deployed. The basic idea is that the NAT gateway will have public shared IP addresses on the North side (facing the DNS root servers of the internet) and private IP addresses on the South side, where the user devices are. The mapping between the Public IP and Private IP addresses is done entirely within the NAT device and is this information is kept private.
So the challenge created by NAT gateways is how to filter internet content at a customer (site) specific level when these devices require a different internet experience?
The Solution

FlashStart Cloud uses DNS tunnels (with L2tp standard) to overcome the NAT gateway challenge. This allows single branch sites to identify themselves directly to the FlashStart Cloud on the other side of the NAT gateway.

This means that FlashStart Internet Content and Malware filtering policies can be applied to create the desired internet experience for every customers.

FlashStart’s unique features

  • Works with any device behind the NAT gateway;
  • Cloud technology – no additional hardware and no additional software deployment is required;
  • Compatibility with Single or Multiple NAT gateway scenarios;
  • End user privacy is not compromised (EC 46/96 compliant etc);
  • Solution can be integrated with existing technologies using SOAP;
  • Full white-labelling of the solution can be created, like all FlashStart solutions.

User reviews

We needed more than just a quality filter,
we needed SOAP integration to create managed service solutions and a responsive partner.
– Managing Partner Francisco Guerrero, Product Director TELDAT, Spain
FlashStart provided easy implementation of our security policy.
– Kendall Head, Managing Partner, Loveitts Limited (Estate Agency)
We subjected FlashStart to a rigorous 6 month evaluation and it came out top for the German market.
– Michael Bindner, Product Manager BINTEC, Germany